21 April 2021

Family Histories

The fruits of my early retirement, and especially three periods of lockdown. You will find all these trees on Ancestry.co.uk

Music and recording

'Anton Strelezki' - mysterious musician
'Audrey Mildmay' - soprano and co-founder of Glyndebourne Opera
'Daisy Bucktrout' - English pianist
'Doris Vane' - soprano
'Evlyn Howard-Jones' - English pianist
'Fifine de la Côte' - Devonport-born soprano
'Lloyd Chandos' - English tenor
'Marie Novello' - the Welsh pianist born Maria Williams
'Maurice d'Oisly and Rosina Buckram' - two famous singers
'Olga, Elgar and Eli' - the Hudson Trio
'Ruby Helder' - English female tenor
'W. F. Watt' - Scottish-Irish tenor
Ada Sassoli - Italian harpist
Alan Dower Blumlein - pioneer of stereophonic recording
Alma - a music teacher in wartime Windsor
Andrew Bohman - music teacher
Anne Thursfield - mezzo-soprano
Anthony C Griffith - British recording engineer
Ben and Peter - Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears
Brian Sewell - art historian - includes his father Philip Heseltine (Peter Warlock)
Bryan Davies - The Rachmaninov of the Rhondda
Carmen Hill - Scottish contralto
Cipriani Potter - English composer and friend of Beethoven
Clara Butt and Kennerley Rumford - English singers
Colonel George Gouraud - soldier, inventor and entrepreneur
Constance Shacklock - English contralto 
Dame Ethel Smyth - English composer
Dame Janet Baker - English singer
Dame Patricia Routledge - English actress and singer
David Stone - composer and arranger
Denise Leigh - English soprano
Denne Parker - singer and voice coach - includes Sir Granville Bantock
Dr William Prendergast - English organist
Edna Thornton - contralto
Eli Parish (Elias Parish-Alvars) - English harpist and composer
Ethel Hobday - pianist
Felix Salmond - Elgar's cellist
Ferdinand Schottlaender -  the husband of Jessie Bond
Frank Pollock - American tenor
Frank Tapp - composer, conductor and pianist of Bath
Fred Hylands - who died in Barrow-in-Furness
George Butterworth - English composer
George Walters - a friend of E.D.U.
Gilbert, Sullivan and D'Oyly Carte
Gustav Holst - English composer
Gwen Catley - coloratura soprano
Harry Plunket Greene - Anglo-Irish baritone
Harry Yager - cabinetmaker and creator of the 'Yagerphone'
Henry Balfour Gardiner - composer
Henry Geehl - English musician
Henry Lane Wilson - English baritone and composer
Herbert Heyner and Bertha Lewis
Hope Jackman - singer and actress
Ida Haendel - violinist
Ignatius Sancho - English composer, grocer and butler
Ilse Veda Duttlinger - American-German violinist
Irene Thomas - a very special person
James Henry Lewis - Principal of the Victoria College of Music
Janet and Marion - American singers
Joan Gray - contralto
Johannes Wagenaar - Dutch composer
Joseph Bossi - trumpet player of Bath
Joyce Gartside - soprano
Joyce Grenfell - English comedienne
Kathleen Ferrier - English contralto
Lambert Williamson  - composer
Leff Pouishnoff - Ukrainian pianist
Lillian Elkington - composer
Liza Lehmann - English composer
Louise Kirkby Lunn - contralto
Margaret Ritchie - soprano
Marion Grimaldi - English soprano
Marjorie Westbury - actress and singer
Nancy Evans - English mezzo-soprano
Nicholls and Harty - soprano and composer-conductor
Norfolk Magone - conductor
Norman Del Mar - English conductor
Patricia Fairlie Baird - Australian soprano
Percy Kahn - pianist, organist and accompanist
Peter Maxwell Davies - composer
Raimund Herincx - English baritone
Rev. Thomas Helmore - the man behind Good King Wenceslas and other carols
Richard Arnell - British composer
Richard Tauber -  Austrian tenor
Rutland Boughton - creator of the first Glastonbury Festival
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor - composer
Sir Adrian Boult - English conductor
Sir Edward Elgar - composer
Sir Edward German - English composer
Sir Henry Lytton and his extended family
Stanley Bate - Plymouth's forgotten composer
Steven Peppiatt - the 'EMG Colonel'
Tahu Rhodes Family Tree
The Gresham Singers
The Ramagnano musicians of Plymouth
The Speyer Family Tree
Theo Marzials - composer
Thomas Adès - composer
Walter, Vernon and Maryetta Midgley - a trio of English singers
Two Atkins families
Dr. William Crotch - child prodigy, composer, academic and organist

Stage, Film, Television and Radio

'Charles Vane' - English actor
'Fenella Fielding' - British actress
'Gorden Kaye' - an English actor
'Hattie Jacques' - British comedienne
Ada Allen - housekeeper to Sir John Martin-Harvey and his family
Angela Rippon - TV personality
Ann Stephens - child star
Babs - Barbara Windsor - English actress
Ben Debar - English actor
Betjemanns, Boatwrights and Bishops
Christine Keeler and her world
Cliff Gordon - actor and playwright
Cyril Clensy - actor
Dame Patricia Routledge - English actress
Esmond and Rosalind Knight - English actors
Ferdinand Schottlaender -  the husband of Jessie Bond
Francis Alick Howard - 'Frankie Howerd' - comedian
George Edwardes - theatre manager
Gilbert, Sullivan and D'Oyly Carte
Hope Jackman - singer and actress
Irene Thomas - a very special person
Jenny Sontag - actress
Joan Hickson - actress
Joan Sims - English actress
John Inman and Josephine Tewson - were they cousins?
Joyce Grenfell - English comedienne
Kenneth Williams
Leslie Crowther
Mabel Constanduros - actress and writer
Marjorie Westbury - actress and singer
Peter Ustinov
Pru and Tim - two English actors
Ralph de Rohan - actor
Sir Henry Lytton and his extended family
Victoria Wood


'Ellis Walton' - the English poet
'Margaret Rose' - lyricist
Bertram Paget Matthews - playwright
Betjemanns, Boatwrights and Bishops
Cecil Torr - author of Small Talk in Wreyland
Charles and Mary Lamb
Christopher Fowler - English writer
Cliff Gordon - actor and playwright
Dora Jessie Saint - Miss Read - author
Frederick William Rolfe, Baron Corvo
Gilbert, Sullivan and D'Oyly Carte
Gladys de Mancha - the woman who wrote 'Kiddi-logues'
Henry Courtoy - Keeper of the Chapel Royal, Holyrood
Jeanne Preston - the editor of Anne Hughes' Diary
Joan Henry - English writer
Joyce Grenfell - English comedienne
Mabel Constanduros - actress and writer
Mary Maria Colling - poet of Devon
N. C. Hunter - the English Chekhov
Nell and Frank - a love story of the Great War
Pam Ayres - English poet
Peter Gold New
Peter Ustinov
The Durrells
The Provincial Lady - 'E. M. Delafield'
Victoria Wood
Wills and Langbridge - writers of The Only Way

Artists and Architects

Emily Mary Osborn - English artist
Erik Ekengren - artist
The Bonomi Family - Anglo-Italian architects
Zaida Ben Yusuph 


'Norman Scott' - a man more sinned against
Adam Wagstaff - convicted of bestiality
Charles Peace - murderer
Christine Keeler and her world
Ferdinand Schottlaender -  the husband of Jessie Bond
Jane 'Sax' - a little girl murdered by James Longhurst
Jane Pearce - victim of attempted murder
Nicholas Day - who murdered his wife
Nurse Sauvarin - wife of four days
Princess Caraboo
Ruth Ellis - the last woman to be hanged in England
Sarah Smith - poisoned by Charles Barlow
The Mignonette - the men behind Regina v Dudley and Stephens
The 'Towpath Murderer' and his victims
The Canonical Five
The Uncanonicals
The World of 19 Cleveland Street
Thomas Busby - 'juvenile robber'
Walter Charles Douse - a gullible man

Against the tide

'Catherine Coome' - who lived for forty years as a man
'Ennis Lawson' - an intriguing lady
'Gentleman Jack' - Miss Lister and Miss Walker
'Sam Redfern' - the 'Black Philosopher'
Cora - the Pearl of Plymouth
Dr Mabel Ramsay - pioneering female doctor
Eric and Irina Barton - the Wooton Timeslip couple
Florence Pannell - supercentenarian
Francis Barber - Dr Johnson's assistant
Janet and Marion - American singers
Joanna Southcott - English prophetess
Lilith Lucile Bruce - suffragist
Teddy Grimes and Marmalade Emma - two Colchester personalities
The 'Silly Hannahs' - two of Colchester's eccentrics
The Archers - an everyday story of Ambridge folk
William Penwarden - who hanged himself in a railway train

(Fairly) Ordinary folk

'Mrs Baigent' - chain-smoking cataloguer of Plymouth Public Libraries
'Mrs F. R. Phillips'
'Tilly Allen' and family
'Toddie' - Miss Winifred Todd
Alfred Haydn Pellitt - a Burnley man killed in action
Arabella Amelia Wills
Boxall Family Tree
Dr William Skelly - General Practitioner of Poplar
Eli Turner - mechanical engineer of Calais
Elizabeth Cookworthy - the woman in the Bretonside Coffin
Emma Sophia Stroud
Fred Plampin
Fursdon, Egg Buckland, Devon
Geoffrey Waring Lamb
Gilbert Slater
Harris of Southend
Grace Jane Andrews
John Burnicle - of the ship 'Friends' Adventure'
John Courtoy and his world
John Down Cockwell - laundry proprietor
John J Norton - philanthropist
John Oxland - with both possible sets of parents
Joseph Whiteside Boyle - Hampton Hill's forgotten resident
Know Thine Enemy
Little Charlie Goddard
Margaret and Mike Maker
Mary Berry - TV cook
Michael Joseph Falcon
Miss Daphne Maude Whiteman - family friend
Nurse Sauvarin - wife of four days
Peter Gold New
Richard Goyder and his family
Roe Family Tree
Ron and Win - killed by a train on their wedding day
Samuel Woolrick - designer
Sir Manasseh Masseh Lopes - First Baronet of Maristow
Spanners and Smalts
Squelch Family Tree
Stoker Wheway
Symons Family Tree
The Burridge family
The Chadder Family of Holbeton
The Cotton Family
The Crapper Family
The Curling Tree
The Eggins Family
The Goldsmith Family Tree
The Gomez Family of Plymouth
The Guhrauer Mystery
The Lort Family
The Martin Family
The O'Hara Family
The Ovington-Jones sisters of Hampton Hill, Middlesex
The owners of Erddig
The Oxland Family
The Parkers of Saltram
The Prichard Family
Theresa May - former Prime Minister
Walter Hammerton - ferryman
Whitewick Family Tree
Who was Jessie Annandale?
William and Frances - who looked the wrong way and were killed by a tram
William Clarke - haberdasher of Enfield, Middlesex
William Hoskings - a Waterloo House young man
William John Stephen Clark


Goddard-Flicker-Mellish-Harvey - includes UK royal family
Joseph Whiteside Boyle - Hampton Hill's forgotten resident - included Queen Marie of Romania
King Manuel II of Portugal


'Dr Mortimer' - headmaster of Thames Valley Grammar School
'Mr Jeremy' - French teacher at Thames Valley Grammar School
Alma - a music teacher in wartime Windsor
Andrew Bohman - music teacher
Mr Bligh - first headmaster of Thames Valley Grammar School
Peter Gold New
Rosalind Sanford
The Marmoy Family

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